Our First Date

I had waited four months after our first encounter…thinking of you every single day. I remember feeling so insecure, thinking “There’s no way she was into me…there’s no way she felt what I did that first night I met her and looked into her eyes…” Yet, I was so sure of my love for you and that our encounter wasn’t an accident. When you said that you were postponing your trip to Asheville, North Carolina in order for us to meet for the second time in person, I felt elated. I set 2 alarms in my phone, the first at 6:10 a.m. saying “You get to see Tanya today”. (I didn’t know Gratitude speak then either). The second alarm was for 6:55 a.m saying, “She’s almost here!!!<3”. I still have them saved.

I was awake since the first alarm and jumped out of bed excited, two hours before I even had to be up. I still remember what it felt like to be in class that day, to watch the hand on the clock tick and to look up every two minutes wishing the hands would move faster. I felt you coming to me. My heart was bursting and once you texted me that you were 30 minutes away, my body was tingling and paralyzed by fear. Fear that maybe you had forgotten how I looked. Maybe you had mistaken me for someone that I was not. And maybe, you didn’t know that the liquid courage I felt the night I decided to walk over to you and take a seat beside you and say, “Hi, I’m Bria”, was just that, a false sense of confidence I felt in that moment.

I stood outside of Ringling, dressed in my teal button up and bow tie, waiting for your truck to pull up. You circled the overpacked parking lot and decided to park in the middle of where the cars usually exited. You jumped out, paused and looked at me with that bright smile spreading across your face and ran towards me, embracing my face and kissing me. My stomach fell out of my ass and I could hardly look into your vibrant green eyes as you approached me. You…were more beautiful than I could’ve ever imagined, then I even remotely remembered. You were stunning. By far, the most beautiful site I had ever seen in my entire life. My legs were jelly and the butterflies in my stomach made their way to my throat. And I stood there, in complete awe. Taking you in. Basked in your joy and light.

That is the first moment I knew I was in love with you.