Mothers Day

Happy Mothers Day my love. I know that you are extremely tough on yourself as a mom and may sometimes need reminding of how great you’re doing. Here are 25 of the top reasons (from my perspective) that you are fucking crushing it as a mother.

1. You allow her to be completely authentic and to express herself however she needs to without judgement.

2. You’ve created the most kind little girl who cares more about making sure other people feel valued, loved and respected than she does anything else.

3. You create the most magical adventures, whether it’s an indoor tea party made from anything in the pantry, blankets and forts lit up with string lights, butterfly adventures in the garden or a trip around the world to experience different sites and cultures.

4. You tell stories unlike any children’s book ever could and you breathe life into the simplest of books with your beautiful voice (even those duds about talking hampsters on frogs). 

5. You ARE childlike wonder. You’ve taught your child how to embrace her inner child by using her imagination, asking questions and exploring everything around her. You’ve taught her to always find beauty in the simplest things in life. 

6. You have sacrificed your own freedom to travel the entire world and be nomadic in order to be present with her every single day, to keep her whole family together and to make all of her dreams come true.

7. You encourage her to always dream BIGGER. You will stop at nothing to make sure she has everything she wants out of life and you set her up to WIN in order to achieve it. She knows she can always count on you to make it happen for her.

8. You are authentic. She knows who YOU are and loves you in every state of being.

9. You’re tender. Your touch, your kisses, your tight hugs and wrapping your arms around her like she’s still a baby. It’s definitely one of her favorite things still and she lights up every time you touch her.

10. You’re Jennifer Hudson. She cannot take her eyes off of you every time you dance or sing and looks at you like you’re magic.

11. You always speak kindly about her father and speak into how much she is loved by him and everyone present in her life. 

12. You don’t shame her for being a human. You make sure she knows that everything she thinks, feels or does is absolutely normal and that there is nothing to feel ashamed or guilty about. Because of that, she TRUSTS you.

13. You’ve taught her the importance of self-love. To speak kindly to herself, to give herself grace, to forgive herself and to speak into her own greatness. 

14. You work tirelessly to teach her to be independent. An independent human as well as an independent thinker. You let her speak up, express her thoughts and feelings and then validate her for what she chooses to share. It’s absolutely beautiful.

15. You’ve taught her the unimportance of things. She has zero interest in inanimate objects and values people, time and experiences more than toys and gadgets.

16. Because of your integrity and how important being your word is to you, she knows she can always depend on you. Because of your consistent example, she’e learning the importance of integrity and is already seeing the joy it brings into her own life with the simplest of things. This is one of the most beautiful lessons and examples you’ve gifted her with.

17. You work your ass off to provide for her and have already given her a chance at a full education and a drive to do what brings her joy. You’ve been an example of this your whole life, however in the past few years she’s seen you do whatever it takes to do what you love most. She will never forget that and she is so proud of you and everything that you create.

18. You are an example of what it means to be human. Fully expressed, messy, put together, emotional, stoic, sad, joyful, irritated, graceful. Perfectly you and lovable in every way you show up, just as you’ve shown her she is.

19. You have taught her to love nature and to value the gifts that this Earth provides us with. She finds beauty in every plant, every living thing and lights up when discovering new creatures or freshly bloomed flowers. In those moments, she is such a beautiful reflection of everything you are.

20. You are patient and humble. And in moments where that wears thin, you are quick to apologize or to acknowledge your impatience and love into her even more. 

21. You have instilled her with confidence about her body, her quirkiness, her voice, her beauty, her talents and her brilliant mind. You remind her of these things often and constantly speak into her greatness.

22. You’ve taught her to be responsible. To take care of herself, to honor herself and in turn, she does the same for you. She loves taking care of you more than anything and she always wants to be in service to you. 

23. You are a daily example of perseverance. You teach her this from time to time and have instilled in her that the only limits that exist are in our minds. And she gets it, even in protesting it. The joy she exudes when she perseveres through something she thought she couldn’t do, is absolutely beautiful to experience.

24. You are love. Endless love. Effortless love. You were meant to be a mother and she is so lucky to have been born to you. She is the yin to your yang and you both compliment each other seamlessly. She will ALWAYS love you in every form, no matter what you do. And you fucking deserve it all.

25. She is your result…and results do not lie. You are a fucking phenomenal mother. And you are doing it so fucking right. Your way.