Martha Stewart

As you know, my love language is FOOD. Since our first week long date, you have shown me how much you love taking care of me and feeding me. I will always remember the chocolate and vanilla Heaven and Hell cake you baked, hand cut and covered in chocolate…just to show me I was loved. And the first time I visited you at your home and you cooked us Beyond burgers and we sat at the dining room table staring at eachother and smiling as we listened to “A Sunday Kind of Love” by Etta James. 

I’ll always remember the first time you cooked me mushroom Tagliatelle after I discovered it was my favorite pasta. It was gone in two days as we had it for dinner….and a midnight snack. Feeding eachother and licking cheese off of eachothers faces and chests.

I will always cherish our artichoke nights. I can’t say I remember how the obsession began…and since then, it has become one of my favorite shared activities with you. Me trying to make it to my mouth and scrape them with my underbite as you complain about my aggressive elbow thrusting the pillow, and you….dropping parmesan butter all over your chest…shirt…pillows…our comforter…and not at all on the towel or napkin we set out. 

I love watching you eat and watching you in the kitchen. Like a mad scientist, you combine flavors and spices out of intuition and then pour all of your love into whatever it is you’re making. Your food always tastes better than anything I’ve ever eaten…and then you feed me. I don’t know what it is about being fed by you that makes me feel so loved and cared for…maybe it’s the time and attention you put into making sure each fork contains the perfect ratio because you say I have to have the perfect bite…..or the way you hold your hand under it slowly bringing it to my mouth and smiling as you watch me enjoy each bite. Or, maybe it’s knowing that you love me so deeply and so tenderly, that you pour that into each and everything you do for me, from feeding me, to moisturizing my feet at night, to washing my body as we take a bath together, to writing me love notes just because.

You take such good care of me and I cannot express to you enough how grateful I am for every thing you do for me. I feel so honored by you, as a woman, as your love and as a human being. I feel exalted being chosen to love you and in receiving your boundless love. Thank you. For loving me. For caring for me. For feeding me.