There was no squirrel quite like Jade. She didn’t eat, play or even live like a squirrel. While the other squirrels would be picking out the strongest Oak trees for Winter, Jade would be daydreaming of Spring breezes lived in Banyan trees by the ocean. When they would pass around nuts to stock up for the season, she’d be gathering the last of the fall greenery and making bouquets of wilting flowers to decorate. The other squirrels thought she was completely nuts.

Even though the other squirrels sometimes made fun of her, Jade knew exactly what type of squirrel she was. While other squirrels dreamed of living their lives in the safety of Oak covered woods, with roots deeply driven into the ground and treetops filled with camouflage from predators….Jade dreamed of living in a Banyan tree on the beach, where she could fall asleep to the sound of the crashing waves each night. And she would do ANYTHING to make that happen.

One night while the others slept soundly, Jade gathered her few favorite belongings and set foot on her journey South. She knew it would be a difficult path that most wouldn’t understand, however the sea called her and she knew she must go.

As she made her way through treacherous hills of snow, winding woods of unknown predators and dark forest illuminated by mysterious glowing eyes, she happened upon a farm that seemed quiet and safe enough to take a rest.