Day of the Dead

One of my favorite memories with you, is the day that we celebrated Day of the Dead together with Bird. It was one of the many experiences I’ve had with you and Bird in which it hit me that I had received everything I’d ever wanted in life. My family. You each were so perfectly created for me and we fit together effortlessly, and have since the first day. 

As we got ready together and each took turns painting eachothers faces and suggesting what we should wear, I was filled with so much joy and pure childlike wonder. Seeing our costumes come togetehr and taking pictures outside with the three of us is one of my most treasured memories. We looked so BADASS and as we sang Christmas carols in the car while staring people down at stoplights, I can recall the overwhelming joy and happiness I felt.

Being with you and Bird has given me purpose. I feel a depth of love for you two that I’ve never been familiar with before. I beem with confidence and pride when we’re all together on our many adventures and I truly feel complete for the first time in my life.