The Art of You

Before I fell in love with you, I fell in love with your art. Your words. Your darkness. And your vulnerability. I remember clearly reading your poems the night in Miami and how lucky I felt to be sitting next to my newly found favorite poet. Your words are powerful and so beautifully written, I have never known an artist to write in the ways that you do.

As I became your lover shortly after, I remember the first time I saw how poems come to you. How we could be doing ANYTHING, and all of a sudden I’d lose your attention and you’d say a sentence or two, or grab for a paper to write it down. It was the most beautiful thing I’d ever seen. I’d never known art or inspiration to come like that and I found it mesmerizing how it would overcome your whole being and flow out through the tip of your pen.

You are a brilliant artist and writer. I say that with sincerity my love. I’ve never known a creative like you who allows words to flow so effortlessly off of their tongue. Your poems are delicious. I love as you read them and your lips purse, spilling out each stanza and pausing in between as you hum “mmmm” in awe of the beauty of your own words. Those moments are my favorite. And for a second I think you understand what I see in every creation, every photo and every poem you write…that sheer brilliance and undeniable talent that you possess. The power your work has to illustrate and incite emotion. The power it has to change lives, as it has mine.

Thank you for sharing your brilliance with me. You will always be my favorite work of art.