Puerto Rico

One of my most favorite memories with you is our trip to Puerto Rico. You didn’t know at the time, but that was one of the places I’d always wanted to visit because I love the people and culture.

You arrived before me and sent me a picture of you in the hammock, excited for me to fly in for our second date. Your love of adventure was so beautiful to me and I knew I had found my life travel partner. That was solidified for me when I saw how easy it was to just BE with you, even as plans were constantly changing, we ebbed and flowed effortlessly together.

My favorite adventure with you there was exploring the beaches and downtown Rincon. You hand feeding me all of your favorite foods and watching the way the Puerto Rico sun lit up your skin. I find you to be most beautiful in nature, with your hair wild and tangled and your skin smelling of salt water. I will always remember the way that you smelled that trip. They way your eyes were lit up and your hands danced along the breeze as we drove around the island.

I can recall perfectly the expression of your face everytime we winded through the streets driving with the windows down and blasting Nahko. The peace that came over your face as we overlooked all of Rincon at the tops of hills. 

I sat there, in complete awe of you. Of how lucky I felt to be in your company and to be loved by you. It was at that time that I knew, without a doubt, that I wanted to experience the rest of my life with you by my side.