love of my life. Keeper of my soul.

You are

my home.


Has Anyone Ever Told You, You’re Magic?



Do You Know How Loved You Are?

Mother’s Day

Mothers Day Happy Mothers Day my love. I know that you are extremely tough on yourself as a mom and may sometimes need reminding of how great you're doing. Here are 25 of the top reasons (from my perspective) that you are fucking crushing it as a mother. 1. You allow...

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The Art of You

The Art of YouBefore I fell in love with you, I fell in love with your art. Your words. Your darkness. And your vulnerability. I remember clearly reading your poems the night in Miami and how lucky I felt to be sitting next to my newly found favorite poet. Your words...

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Day of The Dead

Day of the DeadOne of my favorite memories with you, is the day that we celebrated Day of the Dead together with Bird. It was one of the many experiences I've had with you and Bird in which it hit me that I had received everything I'd ever wanted in life. My family....

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Can I Tell You a Story?


The story of a determined squirrel named Jade who dreams big of traveling to places no squirrel is willing to go…